Mick Boogie & SoulKlap - The Blue Throne

Artist: Mick Boogie & SoulKlap
Album: The Blue Throne
Release Date: November 4, 2011

About The Blue Throne

Mick Boogie sparked the blue flames on this one. The sound chef who brought us the excellent Viva La Hova joined forces with rising producer SoulKlap for another delicious mixtape. This time, they unearthed some of the best Kanye West samples in recent memory, sprinkled Jay’s riveting rhymes on top, whipped it up good and voila: a big, tasty pot of gumbo.

Blue Throne combines the best of both worlds. The sprawling “Ain’t No Love” rides on the rhythmic drums from “Say You Will” to breathe fresh air. “Never Change” effectively incorporates the furry sample from “Why I Love You” to great result. Hova meets Yeezy. The Blueprint meets Watch the Throne.

With the Watch the Throne tour now in full swing, Blue Throne should serve to remind us that these two icons go together like rice and beans. “I wanted to do something different creatively,” says Mick Boogie. Once the basic idea was conceived, Mick invited Soulklap to burnish the project with extra instrumentation and breaks.

Mick adds: “It’s dark, gritty, grungy and soulful all at the same time. It’s low-res at times, even at high volume. Ten vintage Jay-Z vocals from the ten-year-old classic The Blueprint paired with classic Kanye originals and samples.”